We will keep you right with all the HR Essentials

Contracts of Employment, Statements of Terms & Conditions, Employee Handbook & Company Policies; whatever term you use for them, these are essential documents for all businesses.

Our ‘HR Essentials’ package comes with a fully comprehensive up-to-date and workable employee handbook suitable for a range of employee groups.

It will be tailored to your organisations and comes with two Contract of Employment templates which will ensure compliance with current employment legislation.

In addition, we will provide you with a bundle of all the Essential HR forms you need, such as; Return to Work Forms, Induction Checklists and guides for your Right to Work Checks.

We will also complete a scheduled review of your documents after 12 months, to ensure they remain up to date and compliant.

We cater for even the smallest of micro business

If you are a very small business a lengthy handbook might feel like overkill, for you we can offer ‘HR Essentials Lite’ package bespoke and tailored for your business.

This package comes with Employment Contract templates and HR forms such as Return to Work Interviews, Personal Details forms and Right to Work guides, alongside 5 key standalone policies and procedures for your business.

These will keep you compliant from an employment law perspective, you can add additional policies to these at a later time or even create them into a more substantial handbook if required.

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