A Passionate, Committed & Talented Employee is a Rare Gem

What is your plan to attract them? How do you bring out the best in them? How do you ensure they continue to positively impact the business?

Studies have shown, businesses with engaged employees consistently outperform their competition. Do you know how engaged your employees are and how much disengagement is costing your business?

Global Employee Engagement figures are now very near an all-time low

Less than 20% of all employees being engaged. Disengagement manifests in organisations in many different ways, such as difficultly in recruiting, employee turnover, employee negativity, avoiding responsibility, health and safety breaches, poor performance and increases in absenteeism.

Why is Employee Engagement important?

With Mental Health being the most critical issue in today’s society, more workplaces now recognise the difference they can make and the importance for leaders to lead the way. Your employees don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Here are some UK stats that might explain why your company isn’t performing anywhere near its potential:

• Huge gap of Engagement globally – only 15% of employees are engaged
• Companies waste 34% of salaries of disengaged and highly disengaged employees
• More engaged employees means “Better financial results”

We offer a range of flexible tailored solutions in terms of cost and timescales to help you create lasting changes in behaviours, and more committed, accountable and engaged teams.

“It’s never too late to challenge the culture that exists and start creating a new one, if the old one isn’t serving you or your company.”
Claire Loftus Founder EVOLVE

Company programmes

Ranging from a one off five-hour workshop to a 12-month integrated program, our engagement programs focus on building high levels of trust within the workforce and empowering employees to be their best.

Leadership Effectiveness & Future Leader Programmes

Focusing on leadership and communication, this personal action plan is aimed to increase a leader’s ability to connect and build relationships within their team. We can also deliver a Women in Leadership program is designed to nurture broader participation of female leaders in the business. Studies have shown women in leadership positions enhance problem solving and decision making skills of the wider leadership team. Read our case study on our award nominated programme

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