Rachael’s unique experience touches upon every aspect of people management from within major UK corporates to small start-ups keen to make their mark in the global economy and marketplace. You name it, she’s dealt with it! Starting her career in PWC as an Audit Planner, she eventually led their growing business division some 11 years later.

Moving to the SERE Motor Group, Rachael’s natural strategic thinking became invaluable in creating new policy as the company grew, becoming the key person to manage personal development across the company. But it was during Rachael’s time with the Equality Commission and, subsequently, starting a family, she saw the value of flexible working – the growing new norm..

With the employer/employee relationship shifting so much, it’s this understanding that sees EVOLVE’s quick ascension to being the go-to agency for people management in Northern Ireland. Joining EVOLVE was a natural conclusion for Rachael to be a part of the changing landscape of people management.

Rachael balances her work with EVOLVE alongside her family of five children and a their dog.

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