We understand sometimes you may need some time to thrash out a problem, talk through a scenario or explore options you might be considering.

We know ‘people issues’ aren’t always straightforward, or easy.

Employment law and HR can feel like it's constantly changing and it's hard to keep up with the current rules, and one slip up can be costly in time and money.

Our EVOLVE Hour allows you to get expert friendly advice with no long term commitment.

How does it work?

One hour of dedicated HR Support from one of our team

Platform of your choice; Zoom, Teams, Google Meet - you choose

Book the time & date of your choosing online

No long term commitment – no contract or agreements

What Can We Help With?

We can help and advise on all matter of HR and people related areas. Here are just a few ideas;

  • Recruiting for the first time and you want to discuss what to do and when
  • You're a new business and need the low down on the HR processes you NEED to be aware of
  • Your business has grown and you need to develop a clearer organisational structure to help with your growth
  • There is a difficult HR issue you need guidance on
  • There are changes happening and you need to confidentially consider the implications

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If you're still not sure, why not ask a question below or book a quick call and we can answer any questions you may have.

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